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Alex Gryson

An idea in the hand is worth ten in the head

Product Owner / UX Designer

Bordeaux, France

So much to do...

I got married in September 2015, which needed a lot of design work : Save the Date graphics, Invitations, booklets, thank you cards and more. Below is a selection of some of these elements, I'll be adding more over the coming month.

Save the date

Save The Date Poster
Save the Date: The end result

To get to this final graphic, which was sent to all invitees, my fiancé and I discussed the storyboard and graphical style before moving onto to lineart and color palettes. I drew all the images via Wacom in Photoshop.

Initial lineart
Early Color palette test
Early color palette test


Wedding Invitations
The invitations are hand-made using a custom stamp and embossing powder