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Alex Gryson, profile image

Alex Gryson

An idea in the hand is worth ten in the head

UX Designer / Product Management

Bordeaux, France

Long story short

I'm Alex Gryson, a UX Designer and Product Manager based in Bordeaux, France. I'm originally Irish but lived in Australia in the 80's, emigrated to Paris in 2006 before moving to Bordeaux in 2017. I work for a 3D printing and laser cutting service, Sculpteo.

This of course means that I live and work in the future.

What I like doing

I love building things, from electronics with my Arduino or building home automation systems from scratch, to games with web technologies. I generally have two or three projects on the go at any one time and for personal projects have no qualms leaving one rest for a few months while I recharge on others (as you can see from my GitHub commits).

I also love public speaking, having been an avid debater in school and college. I even taught public speaking while I was an English coach in Paris (2008-2010). I've participated in, and spoken at, various events with Dassault Sytèmes and I was delighted to have been invited to speak at TEDx Dunkirk as part of my activities with Sculpteo (in French):

What I do

Since September 2013, I've been the UX designer for Sculpteo, a startup offering a 3D printing and laser cutting service. Before that I held the same position at Dassault Systèmes (DS is the company behind SolidWorks and CATIA).

My day to day activities with Sculpteo involve making 3D Printing and laser cutting something anyone can do. When you're defining and planning the why/what/when/how/where, that brings with it some really interesting challenges.

I spend my days working on getting processes and workflows set down properly, before moving to sketches, followed by a handful of low-fidelity wireframes per page exploring different avenues. I generally jump straight to specification after that, often doing a bit of development too, finding it more efficient than relying on high fidelity (and often non-interactive) prototypes.

Why Paris?

I moved to Paris after my studies in Experimental Physics at Trinity College Dublin. I had originally planned on staying only a year to learn French while figuring out what to do with my degree. After a year, I ended up staying to complete a Masters in Soft Matter Physics.

By the time I'd spent two years in France, it was basically my new home.

Why UX design if I studied physics?

While my technical side is what originally drew me to physics, in the end I could either pursue a career in academia or science education. The former didn't attract me that much as a proposition and the latter I judged unrealistic given that I had decided to stay in France. So I took a step back and started pursuing my hobbies.

Those hobbies brought me down the road of coding and interface design. The rest as they say is history.